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Alessandro Camiz


Alessandro Camiz, Ph.D. (1965, Rome–Italy) Architect, is Head of Interior Architecture Department (English), Assoc. Prof. Dr., Faculty of Architecture, Design and Fine Arts, and Director of the International Centre for Heritage Studies, Girne American University. Expert on the subject at the chair of architectural and urban design (Prof. Giuseppe Strappa, “Sapienza” University of Rome ) and Adjunct Professor at the School of architecture, University of Miami.

Has collaborated with Sartogo Architetti Associati in several projects such as the New Chancery of the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C. (1993-2001), New Urban and University integrated settlement, Bologna-Lazzaretto (with R. Meyer, 2000), Search group headquarters, Hong Kong (2001), Church ad parish complex S. Volto di Gesù, Rome (1998-2006), Roma interrotta-Uneternal City, XI Architecture Biennale, Venice (2008).

Is member since 2003 of History of cities (founded by Enrico Guidoni), since 2007 of the International Seminar on Urban Form and since 2014 of ICOMOS Italy. His main interests are on: urban morphology architectural and typological theories, medieval and modern urban history, the link between archaeology, history and contemporary architectural, urban and landscape design. Editorial Board Member, Girne American University Journal of Social and Applied Science. Has published papers and articles on: “Urban morphology”, “Paesaggio Urbano”, “Il tesoro delle città”, “Architettura e città”, “Storia dell`urbanistica”, “Schifanoia, A cura dell`Istituto di studi rinascimentali di Ferrara”.

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